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A comprehensive music learning program designed for children ages 4 and up.


Pianomouse is an interactive educational system that is fun, effective, and easy to use.

Pianomouse’s Musical Circus teaches children beginning musical concepts. The curriculum includes 4 Lesson Books, 4 Activity Books, and 4 Interactive Audio CDs. Your child will learn piano, rhythm, music vocabulary, ear training and so much more. This award-winning program will capture your child’s attention through fun and engaging lessons.

I would absolutely recommend Pianomouse to friends, family, and even classroom teachers who want supplement or enrichment for their classes.
— Parent
The children are not only learning about musical concepts, but lots of important pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, which really contribute to success in reading and math.
— Parent
The curriculum lay out is clear, sequential and very easy to follow. My 4 year old boy took to this method quickly.
— Reviewer, Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award
The content package is truly rich! This program goes a long way keeping the wonder of music alive in our schools and at home. It is easy to use with no prior knowledge on how to play the piano.
— Judges, Revere Award Finalist- Association of American Publishers
The colorful activity books provide a nice visual supplement to a young beginner’s piano lessons, and they make learning music fun!
— Parent and Violinist, Masters of Music Performance, Juilliard School
It’s fantastic. My daughter loves Pianomouse, and I love Pianomouse. We can’t wait to move forward in the lessons.
— Homeschool Parent


The Pianomouse Advantage

Demands Focus

Fosters Discipline

Develops Listening Skills - to music and instruction

Develops Memory Skills and Concentration

Improves Math and Reading Skills

Increases Physical Coordination

Develops Visual and Aural Skills

Teaches Turning Thoughts into Action

Reinforces Self Esteem and Self Worth